This deadpan comedy skewering of Silicon Valley's addiction to micromanagement and self-congratulation was a huge hit on film festival circuit.




This deadpan comedy skewering of Silicon Valley's addiction to micromanagement started as a recruiting video before becoming a tech industry cult sensation and film festival favorite.




Visionary innovator Michael Fertik (played by real-life startup founder Michael Fertik) discusses femto-management, a game-changing reinvention of micromanagement, in this note perfect satire of Silicon Valley business culture.



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The video was originally conceived by co-writer and star Michael Fertik as a 3-minute Reputation.com recruiting video for release on April Fool's Day. The scope and artistic pretensions of the project expanded considerably when Michael accidentally dialed co-writer and director Martin Sweeney while trying to delete his information from his phone contacts.


FESTIVALS & awards

Femto-Management was conceived as a recruiting video for Reputation.com targeting experienced technical talent so it’s chocked full of inside the bubble jokes and arcane references. When the Bubbleproof team discovered people outside the Silicon Valley startup bubble were watching and sharing the video it was a genuine surprise.

Curious to see how it would play to a live audience, the team submitted the film to a few upcoming film festivals. Femto-Management made its theatrical debut at the Houston Comedy Festival in August of 2014. The audience seemed to like it, nominating Michael Fertik for Best Actor at the festival awards ceremony.

HCFF Laurels 2014.png

Houston Comedy Film Festival

Houston, Texas U S A | August 2014

Nominated - Best Actor (Michael Fertik)

MVFF-laurels 2014.png

Mill Valley Film Festival

Mill Valley, California U S A | October 2014

Jury Selection - Festival Highlights

Maverick laurels 2015.png

Maverick Movie Awards

U S A | September 2014

Nominated - Best Chronicle (Short)

Nominated - Best Comedy Actor (Michael Fertik)

Best Shorts laurels 2014.png

Best Shorts Online Competition

U S A | October 2014

Selected - Award of Excellence

Marfa laurels 2015.png

Marfa Film Festival

Marfa, Texas U S A |  November 2015

WLES laurels 2015.png

We Like 'Em Short

Baker City, Oregon U S A  | August 2015

Cap City laurels 2015.png

Capital City Film Festival

Lansing, Michigan U S A | April 2015